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By Colm 13th August 2019

DNS over HTTPS – Your Anti-Phishing Solution is About to Go Dark

With over 46,000 new sites created every day, phishing continues to rise as one of the greatest threats currently facing mobile devices. Our phones are quickly becoming our most important means of communication and entertainment, but as technology has become more advanced so too has the sophistication and frequency of phishing attacks. Taking advantage of […]

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By Colm 19th July 2019

FaceApp – Is There Anything to Worry About?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this week, you have probably seen the countless ‘Old Person’ selfies popping up in your social media feeds. Everyone from friends to celebrities have been using FaceApp, the viral AI photo editor app, to manipulate photos to make people look older, younger, and a multitude of other effects […]

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By Colm 18th July 2019

What Will iOS 13’s New Privacy and Security Features Mean for Organizations?

During WWDC 2019, Apple sent a wave of excitement through the mobility world when it announced the latest update to its mobile operating system: iOS 13. Currently available in Beta form for developers and public beta testers ahead of the official launch (believed to be sometime in Fall 2019), the update introduces a number of […]

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By Colm 10th July 2019

GDPR Bites – What’s Behind the Record Fines for British Airways and Marriott Data Breaches?

This week it was announced that two major international companies, airline British Airways and hotel giant Marriott International, would be fined £183 million ($228 million) and £99 million ($123 million) respectively for data breaches that infringed new requirements set out by the EU’s General Data Protection Legislation (GDPR). The record penalties, issued by the UK’s […]

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By Colm 7th July 2019

Understanding Malware Part 2 – What is Advanced Mobile Malware?

As users are steadily moving away from desktop and favoring mobile devices, it is inevitable that hackers will also switch their tactics. And as an increasing number of sensitive and high-value tasks are carried out on mobile devices, mobile specific threats are fast becoming a major concern. Mobile malware, in its many different forms and […]

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By Colm 3rd July 2019

Chinese Border Authorities Forcing Surveillance Malware onto Tourists’ Phones – What Does this Mean for Organizational Data Security?

Tourists crossing the border into the Xinjiang region in China are being forced to install a piece of malware on their phones capable of downloading text messages and scanning over 70,000 different files, a collaboration by Motherboard, Süddeutsche Zeitung, the Guardian, the New York Times, and the German public broadcaster NDR has found.  The Uighur […]

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By Colm 2nd July 2019

Understanding Malware Part 1 – What is Social Engineering?

Anyone that reads tech blogs or is following the latest industry news on social media will know that one of the most significant cyber-threats facing organizations today is mobile malware. On almost a daily basis, we are bombarded with articles and news reports detailing the latest malware strands making the rounds or the malicious apps […]

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By Colm 27th May 2019

In Light of the WhatsApp Hack, Which Approach to Mobile Device Security Offers the Best Protection?

Anti-virus, Mobile Device Management and Mobile Threat Defense won’t help against today’s attacks – so where should you look for protection ? On May 13th the Financial Times reported that a recently discovered vulnerability in the hugely popular messaging app WhatsApp had allowed attackers to inject commercial spyware onto mobile devices. The hack involved the […]

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By Colm 24th May 2019

Why Google and Apple’s Malware Protection Might Not Be Good Enough – Part 2

Last week, Part 1 of our two-part series outlined the current defense systems offered by Apple and Google, two of the world’s biggest mobile operating system developers, to protect devices from mobile malware. We found that despite strict content requirements and security scans, malicious and suspicious apps are still able to make their way onto […]

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