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By Emma 2nd October 2019

Mobile Security by the Numbers: Data usage, malware & phishing statistics

We give you a behind the scenes look at what our mobile security software is detecting Corrata’s mobile security and control solution is used by organizations across a wide range of sectors. Public and private sector organizations in finance, utilities, professional services and real estate are among those who rely on Corrata to keep their […]

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By Emma 17th September 2019

Mobile Usage Control – The Headache for Employers

Data overages and security threats – your complete guide to controlling employee mobile usage  Mobile usage…what’s the problem? It’s an accepted fact that employees use their company mobile phones to a certain degree for personal use. In the new digital era, you must be ‘connected’ at all times and contactable at any minute of the […]

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By Emma 12th September 2019

Corrata Named a ‘National Winner’ in Prestigious European Competition

Corrata announced as a ‘National Winner’ in 2019 European Business Awards (EBA) “Corrata is an outstanding leader in their field”  Corrata has been named a ‘National Winner’ in the Innovation category in the 2019 European Business Awards (EBA), one of the world’s largest business competitions. Corrata was one of 2,753 businesses from across Europe chosen for […]

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By Emma 10th September 2019

5G…Is Your Organization Ready For It?

Feverish hype surrounds the arrival of 5G, but what exactly is it and how can your organization prepare for it? What is 5G? 5G is the fifth and newest generation of cellular network technology, proven to be at least ten times faster than the current 4G model. 5G will have larger bandwidth and reduced latency, […]

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By Emma 30th August 2019

iOS hacked…for years – not even Apple is safe from cyber attacks

Google reveals multiple exploits on Apple iOS enabling silent install of devastating spyware What happened? Just days after Apple hit the headlines for their latest emergency security patch, Google announced yesterday that Apple iPhones have been targets of a global cyber attack that had been ongoing for several years. The cybercriminals infiltrated individual iPhones via […]

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By Colm 14th August 2019

Distractions at Work: Should Smartphone Usage be Restricted?

Competing for attention – how mobiles are creating distractions and safety risks at work Smartphones have become vital tools for our everyday lives. There is no denying that mobile devices now play an essential role in how we travel, socialize, and communicate. So, it was only a matter of time before they would become important […]

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By Colm 13th August 2019

DNS over HTTPS: Your Anti-Phishing Solution is About to Go Dark

DNS Sniffing might soon be ineffective due to new traffic encryption With over 46,000 new sites created every day, phishing continues to rise as one of the greatest threats currently facing mobile devices. Our phones are quickly becoming our most important means of communication and entertainment. Yet, as technology has become more advanced, so too […]

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By Colm 19th July 2019

FaceApp – Is There Anything to Worry About?

FaceApp – just a bit of fun or something more sinister? You have probably seen the countless ‘Old Person’ selfies popping up on your social media feeds. Everyone from friends to celebrities have been using FaceApp, the viral AI photo editor app recently. The app manipulates photos to make people look older, younger, as well […]

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By Colm 18th July 2019

What Will iOS 13’s Features Mean for Organizations?

During WWDC 2019, Apple sent waves of excitement through the mobility world when it announced the arrival of iOS 13. Currently available in Beta form for developers and public beta testers ahead of the official launch (believed to be sometime in Fall 2019), the update introduces a number of new and improved interface and useful […]

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