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Web Filtering

Web filtering is a foundational component of any mobile security solution. But its essential that it be implemented in a way that is respectful of user privacy, adaptable to the requirements of individual organizations and tamperproof.


Employees using their mobile devices will encounter malicious or risky content through a wide range of channels. Messaging apps can deliver phishing links targeted directly at your organization.

Users browsing the web can inadvertently click on seemingly innocuous content particularly when visiting risky sites.


Robust, adaptable and respectful web content filtering

Corrata’s solution for web filtering takes advantage of a number of unique features of our underlying technology. Because Corrata sees more than just DNS traffic, our web filtering cannot easily be bypassed. Because Corrata runs on-device, we can implement robust privacy protections and policies tailored at both the enterprise and individual employee level.


Addressing the danger of risky content

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    Malicious links

    Comprehensive filtering of all malicious links through any channel

    Malicious links can arrive on your mobile through a multitude of channels. They can be embedded in the web pages you visit, included in search ads or delivered over SMS, email, WhatsApp or any of the myriad of communication and collaboration tools we use today. Corrata provides device wide filtering of malicious content regardless of how it gets delivered to the phone.

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    Acceptable use

    Corrata makes it easy for employees to comply with acceptable use guidelines

    Many organizations block illegal, adult or other categories of content to ensure compliance with acceptable use guidelines.  But even if this is not a concern for your business it’s worth bearing in mind that such sites are notorious for hosting malicious content.

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    Controls which are difficult to circumvent

    Corrata’s advanced network traffic inspection ensures that content controls are not routinely circumvented.

    Corrata has powerful features which ensure that all traffic is subject to web filtering controls. Filtering is implemented even when encrypted DNS is being used by a browser or device. Personal vpn’s can also be restricted using Corrata’s sophisticated usage controls.

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    Blocking risky content without recording users browsing data

    Employee buy-in is essential to any security product but is a particular concern given that mobiles are rarely used solely for business purposes. This is why Corrata insists that web-filtering must be implemented on-device. What’s more nowhere in the Corrata system is any record made of individual attempts to access non compliant sites.


Most organizations filter the content that is accessed by their employees on desktops and laptops. This is a foundational security control and eliminates a wide variety of otherwise risky content such as phishing, malware and NSFW sites. Without a solution like Corrata, these controls would be completely absent when employees are using mobile.

Corrata can block a wide range of categories of content from phishing to gambling. All of this is performed anonymously by default. Only when a security critical incident takes place is the individual user identifiable. This ensures that the 99.99% of user activity which is benign is never recorded.

Because Corrata inspects all IP traffic it can filter content which is not visible in unencrypted DNS lookups. This includes traffic accessed using encrypted DNS and traffic which goes straight to an IP address.

We’re on a mission

We’re here to stop every existing and emerging threat to your mobile workforce and business. Explore our Use Cases to find out more about the powerful and proactive protection we provide.

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    Smishing protection

    Every day employees are being targeted with smishing messages designed to harvest credentials, steal authentication cookies and gather personal information for social engineering attacks.

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    Sophisticated malware such as the notorious Pegasus and its clones are being used to undermine the built in security of both iOS and Android making sensitive content accessible to bad actors.

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    Dangerous applications

    Even applications downloaded from official app stores can represent a threat to information security. Understand how Corrata identifies such risks and provides the tools you need to counter them.

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    Man-in-the-Middle Protection

    In today’s cloud centric world most enterprise data travels over networks which are fundamentally insecure. Corrata provides the protection you need to ensure that your data remains private.

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    Vulnerability management

    Good device security posture is critical to reducing risk. Corrata monitors the settings and activity on your employees’ devices, assessing their security status and prompting end users to remedy any issues found.

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    Web filtering

    Blocking access to categories of content which are risky or against your organization’s acceptable use policy is an essential step for mobile security. Corrata provides robust, privacy sensitive web filtering tailored to your organization’s needs.

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