5G…Is Your Organization Ready For It?


Feverish hype surrounds the arrival of 5G, but what exactly is it and how can your organization prepare for it?

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth and newest generation of cellular network technology, proven to be at least ten times faster than the current 4G model. 5G will have larger bandwidth and reduced latency, allowing internet users to download entire movies in seconds. These faster capabilities will transform online streaming, with loading and buffering soon being a thing of the past. 

Whilst 4G radio waves are frequently overloaded by high volumes of mobile traffic, millimeter wave, the alternative airway deployed by 5G, will be capable of servicing a large number of devices at once. Consequently, internet users will no longer have to battle for coverage at populous events such as concerts or sports games. Predictions reveal the new technology will also have profound impact on future Augmented Reality applications including machine learning robots, drones and even autonomous vehicles. Similarly, 5G  is set to transform a number of industries such as health, manufacturing and energy.

When will it be here?

5G is already here and has been rolled out in a handful of cities in the US by phone operators such as Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. Current 5G phones on the market include the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10, as well as the LG V50. However, 5G won’t be widely available until 2020, with companies such as Apple delaying the release of their 5G compatible handsets. Reason for this could be down to recognising that early rollouts of 5G will have teething problems, or due to their past legal battle with technology partners Qualcomm. Initially, the speed of 5G will vary depending on geographical location, performing quicker in larger cities than rural towns.

What does 5G mean for you and your organization?

The good news

The lightning speeds of 5G will allow every aspect of businesses to operate quicker, improving overall productivity and reducing costs. Say goodbye to communication delays during video conference calls, refreshing web pages or waiting for software to configure. In fact, paired with AR, 5G has the potential of connecting organizations on a whole other level through the development of haptic evolution, telepresence and the virtual office. Remote devices and tools will respond instantly, allowing for smoother operations across all industries. Whilst some may have a dystopian view of the technical revolution, fearing that machine learning and AI will destroy jobs, Qualcomm claim that 5G will create 22 million new jobs and generate $3.5 trillion in revenue by 2035. 

The downside 

Higher internet speeds will allow smart devices to automatically download content in a higher resolution, equalling large data consumption. As a result, employees run the risk of incurring staggering costs for their company as data usage explodes. Data overages are already a common problem in the workplace as employees take advantage of company phones for personal use. As cellular connectivity can be faster than WiFi, it is possible that employees might opt to ditch WiFi altogether when 5G arrives. After all, it is much easier to data munch when someone else is footing the bill. 

How can you avoid data overages?

Verify with your mobile provider that you are on a renewed data plan if using 5G compatible smartphones. Remember to factor in the increased cost of data roaming if  your employees regularly travel for business. If signing up to a three year contract, consider whether the data limit will still be attainable when 5G arrives. If not, you may be in for a nasty shock when your monthly invoice arrives. Researching which operator best fits your company’s needs is key to managing data. In tandem, familiarize yourself with the new capabilities offered by solutions like Corrata Security and Control. Corrata not only prevents cyberattacks, but also allows you to enforce sensible rules around employees use of company phones. Don’t want your employees visiting questionable sites or downloading seven series of Game of Thrones? Then it might be time to learn more about by the ground-breaking technological solutions offered by Corrata.

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