Mobile Data

Cost Control

Reduce unnecessary mobile data cost, manage employee app usage and control data roaming to eliminate bill shock.


Threat Defense

Protect your organization’s mobile fleet from the threat posed by malicious content, mobile malware, and insecure Wi-Fi with Corrata’s next generation mobile threat defense solution.

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Corrata’s unique on-device technology protects your organization from mobile threats and excessive mobile costs

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Mobile Data Usage Control

Control company’s mobile data usage with policies tailored to your organization.

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Web and App Content Control

Block access to malicious and inappropriate content with web and apps content filtering.

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Mobile Threat Protection

Corrata helps you to protect against the full range of mobile threats.

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Mobile Data Cost Calculator

Calculate the cost of mobile data for your organization…
and discover how much you could save on your next mobile data bill using Corrata.

Customers & Partners

Corrata is engaged with a number of blue chip customers operating in a variety of industries and verticles. Our partners are leaders in enterprise mobility and ensure our product is easy to provision and deploy in an enterprise setting

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Corrata’s lightweight mobile threat defense solution can be quickly deployed across your mobile estate to deliver immediate cost reductions and security benefits.

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Control Access

Ensure mobile activity is policy compliant and doesn’t expose the organization to risks from malicious sites or apps.

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Eliminate Bill Shock

Set limits on non-business usage particularly while roaming in high-cost locations.

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Protect Against Threats

Detect threats and proactively defend your employees’ mobile devices.

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Support Employees

Make it easy for employees to use mobile responsibly and avoid threats

Corrata’s software enabled us to make and sustain substantial saving to our mobile bill without impacting our employees ability to get the job done.

Paul Ryan,CISO,Ulster Bank

"As a travel company with operations all over Europe, employee mobility requires close management. With Corrata, the controls we have in place mean we no longer incur out of bundle charges"

Anthony Collins,CEO,Topflight

"Corrata gives us control over our employees mobile data use and has helped us eliminate bill shocks". It just works!"

Bill Walsh,Director,Aspire

Our global footprint means mobile is at the heart of how we run our business. Corrata enables us to take full advantage of mobility while keeping us in control

Leo Mac Canna,CEO,Ocuco

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Employee Mobile Data Usage Is Exploding

Download our whitepapers to learn how to improve your enterprise’s mobile security and data usage management.