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Advanced Internet Security and Usage Control for Mobile Devices

A uniquely powerful solution which offers your organization the best protection against mobile threats and reduces mobile service costs
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Even with Mobile Device Management systems in place, your organization's mobile devices are exposed to multiple threats from social engineering, malware and insecure Wi-Fi.
Corrata provides the best available protection against mobile threats by detecting and blocking any device attempting to connect to phishing sites, malicious hosts, unofficial app stores or CnC servers.
Corrata’s unique Zero Gateway architecture avoids the privacy and user experience drawbacks of proxy or VPN based solutions.

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Security and Compliance
Protect your organization against mobile threats and enforce compliance with acceptable use policies.
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Reduce your mobile data expense by eliminating unnecessary use of mobile data.
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Corrata’s unique on-device filtering eliminates the need to monitor employee internet traffic


Corrata integrates seamlessly with all major Mobile Device Management systems making it easy to deploy and manage


Corrata’s app works on any iOS or Android device and works on both cellular and WiFi networks


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By Colm 1st October 2018

The Rising Threat of Social Media Phishing Attacks

Phishing, attempting to fraudulently acquire sensitive personal information from an unsuspecting user, is a well-known cyber threat in today’s digital world. For years, cyber criminals have successfully stolen the personal details of internet users through malicious websites and links sent via email and as cyber-security has developed, users and technologies have gotten smarter. Most employees […]

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By Colm 19th September 2018

Privacy vs Security: Finding the Right Balance

With over 67% of employees in the US now using their own devices for work, more and more companies are beginning to recognize the benefits of implementing BYOD policies in the workplace. Allowing employees to use their own mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, for work purposes can help to reduce costs by eliminating the […]

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By Corrata 17th September 2018

Corrata Partners with Wireless Business Consultants to Bring Mobile Security and Data Control Solutions to the US

Corrata Partners with Wireless Business Consultants, Sprint’s Largest Authorized Business Dealer, to Bring Mobile Security and Data Controls to Sprint Business Customers Throughout the United States DUBLIN, September 17, 2018 — Corrata, the award-winning provider of internet security for mobile devices, today announced a strategic business collaboration with Wireless Business Consultants. The collaboration brings together […]

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