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Immune System for Mobile

Mobile Endpoint Security, Content Filtering and Data Control without the complexity and compromises of competing solutions

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Read how Corrata was a mobile security gamechanger for Donegal ETB

Catch phishing attacks in real-time
Protect user credentials by preventing the latest email, SMS or social media phishing scams from reaching your employees’ phones
Block, detect and disable malware
Keep your organization’s data secure by protecting against even the most sophisticated
Protect sensitive communications from interception
Ensure that data is always transferred safely even over risky Wi-Fi networks
Prevent risky or excessive non-work usage
Enforce policies that protect you and your employees from risky or data-hungry content
devices access risky content each month
of devices have security vulnerabilities
devices access NSFW content
of mobile phishing is outside email
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Mobile Security
Learn more about how Corrata protects your employee’s mobile devices from the latest cyber threats
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Cost and Usage Control
Learn more about how Corrata prevents data overages and stops excessive non business usage of mobile
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Corrata Security and Control
Learn about how organizations across a range of industries use Corrata to defend against cyber-threats and control mobile device usage
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We chose Corrata because it provides the most powerful protection against advanced mobile malware, zero-day phishing, and Wi-Fi attacks. And, it does this without compromising employee privacy or user experience.
Ailish Galvin, Head of Technology Oversight Ulster Bank
NatWest Group
Technology and Security Partners
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Corrata and Microsoft
Learn how Corrata integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Security products including Intune, Active Directory, Defender for Endpoint and Cloud App Security.
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Corrata achieves FirstNet®Verified status
Corrata achieves FirstNet®Verified status
We are proud to announce that following a rigorous review process, Corrata is now FirstNet®Verified and accessible via the FirstNet App Catalog.
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Securing business data without compromising employee privacy

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