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Providing your organization with the best protection against cyber threats and the greatest control over mobile device usage and costs

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European Cybersecurity Startup of the Year 2018
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Corrata’s groundbreaking solution offers organizations the security of knowing that their mobile devices are protected against cyber-threats and that their employees’ usage is aligned with company policy.


Corrata’s solution is simple to deploy, easy to manage and fully compliant with privacy regulations. It works on all iOS and Android devices, across any Wi-Fi or mobile network and with or without an MDM.


Corrata works unobtrusively in the background keeping your devices secure and your employees productive.

Security and Control

Threat Protection

Learn more about how Corrata protects your organization from the increasing number and sophistication of cyber attacks targeting your employees’ mobile devices

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Usage and Cost Control

Understand how Corrata’s unique capabilities can prevent data overages, reduce mobile costs and ensure that employee mobile use is in line with your organization’s goals.

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Some of our Customers

Technology, Security and Mobility Partners

Corrata partners with the world’s leading mobile service providers, MDM providers, value added resellers, and technology leaders to provide a seamlessly integrated experience and to ease deployment and management of the solution.


Corrata’s unique on device technology avoids the privacy and performance compromises of proxy based solutions


Corrata is simple to deploy, configure and manage with or without a Mobile Device Management system


Corrata’s app works on any iOS or Android device and works on both cellular and WiFi networks

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By Emma 25th November 2019

Does iOS Jailbreak Checkra1n pose a serious security risk?

Everything you need to know about Checkra1n, the latest jailbreak for iOS. What is jailbreaking?  The process of jailbreaking (also known as ‘rooting’ for Android) involves using 3rd party software to ‘unlock’ an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad. This code overwrites the device’s software by removing the built in DRM (Digital Right […]

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By Emma 6th November 2019

Corrata Confidential: The 3 benefits of a Zero Gateway Solution

Zero Gateway ensures device performance, employee privacy and company confidentiality One of the coolest things about Corrata is that that we are zero gateway. This means that we implement control over internet traffic at the device level. Unlike other providers, we avoid the traditional approach of routing all the traffic through a cloud gateway. By […]

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By Emma 22nd October 2019

Time to Update your Mobile Phone Policy?

Corrata gives you some ideas about updating your organization’s mobile phone policy Policies Designed for the Past Today, most companies have some sort of policy covering mobile phone use. But in reality, many of these mobile phone policies date from an earlier era, one when mobile meant Blackberry or Nokia and most of what we […]

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