5 Top Trends for Mobile Cyber Security in 2020

jumping from 2019 to 2020

The mobile security landscape is changing. Here are the trends you need to know in 2020.

Mobile cyber security flooded headlines in 2019. Last year alone featured the Whatsapp Pegasus spyware attack, privacy concerns around aging app FaceApp, and the Strandhogg android vulnerability. We saw an increase in targeted spear-phishing attacks, multinational companies being hit by security breaches, and machine learning becoming a critical component in cyber security technology. 

But what’s in store for mobile cyber security in 2020?   

Here are Corrata’s top five trends to watch out for this year: 

1. Enterprise security architecture becomes mobile/cloud first 

Organisations will fully embrace concepts such as the perimeterless enterprise and zero trust as they build security systems which reflect a mobile and cloud first world. As remote working becomes more popular, the cloud will become the core platform for all business operations and communications.

2. More than just vulnerability assessment

Enterprises will embrace mobile security solutions which offer protection, not just vulnerability assessment. The limitations of first generation of Mobile Threat Defense products are becoming apparent. Gartner’s recent report highlighted the need for solutions which offer capabilities that go beyond vulnerability assessment to addressing the risk of mobile phishing and advanced mobile malware. Vulnerability assessment will fold into MDM, ending the need for standalone MTD products. However, the need for solutions which protect against risky content and advanced mobile malware will become ever more apparent to enterprise security architects.   

3. Mobile phishing gets more sophisticated 

In 2020, we expect to see evolving phishing tactics such as SIM jacking. In the same way that hackers steal passwords, cyber spies are swiping mobile numbers to penetrate devices. As a result, businesses will start to move away from SMS verification towards app verification. Similarly, more companies will start to replace two factor authentication (2FA) with multiple factor authentication (MFA). Biometrics such as touch and facial recognition, are already being widely used by tech giants Apple and Samsung. Social media will also become a prime phishing avenue in an attempt to catch the absent minded scroller off-guard. 

4. Malware disguised as apps 

Despite Apple and Google’s continuous efforts to tighten their security, cyber attackers are becoming more cunning at sidestepping the app vetting process. Last year alone, saw millions of smartphone users download seemingly innocent apps via these reputable app stores. These apps were in fact, riddled with malware. Due to the sheer mass of apps available in the cyber realm, it is inevitable that a small percentage will avoid detection. This trend will continue as hackers find more inventive ways of disguising malicious code behind popular beauty, health and gaming apps. Bottom line? Always download with caution. 

5. 5G deployment

We have all heard the 5G hype that promises faster download speeds and reduced latency. In reality, 5G will be most relevant to individual consumers in the early stages of rollout. The warning around the security implications associated with 5G will be nothing more than a distraction for businesses, in 2020 at least. However, enterprises should ensure that where possible, new devices with an expected useful life of more than 3 years, are 5G compatible. 

Moving forward

In summary, the mobile cyber security landscape will evolve in 2020. AI technology, cloud architecture and 5G will transform the digital sphere and hackers will explore new avenues for launching attacks. Cyber security will continue to become a top priority for businesses of all sizes. Organizations who are still of the “it won’t happen to us” mentality, are playing a dangerous waiting game. Instead, businesses need to take the proactive “it could definitely happen to us” approach. 

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