Tell me oh tell me, why does my data grow?

mobile data consumption grows

Enterprise Mobility Control white paper

Today we’ve released a new whitepaper on managing mobile data use in the enterprise.

Enterprise mobile data consumption grows at a rate close to 100% annually. Some analysts are predicting that by the end of the decade it will have increased tenfold. Our Enterprise Mobility Control white paper explains why this is happening and what organizations need to do to manage the cost, productivity and risk implications of this data tsunami.

The whitepaper is based on our work with a wide range of enterprises and includes up-to-date stats on mobile data use in the enterprise. It outlines how companies are missing out on the opportunity to reduce their telecoms expense due to the impact on employee mobile data consumption of the growing popularity of video streaming within popular consumer apps. It makes the case for enterprises to examine the risks associated with unrestricted access to content on company paid for mobile devices. The white paper concludes by explaining how a new category of solution, Enterprise Mobility Control, provides the capabilities that organizations need to properly manage employee mobile data consumption.