Security and Remote Working during COVID-19

COVID-19 remote working

As companies adapt to remote working, it’s important not to forget about online security

If remote working is a relatively new concept for your business you are not alone. COVID-19 is forcing companies across all industries to think outside the box as we enter into an uncertain period. Fortunately, Corrata have re-configured our operations with a 100% remote working capability to keep staff safe and protected.

This migration to remote working has happened seamlessly and customers and partners can expect the same exceptional customer service as before.

Cyber Criminals Taking Advantage

Cyber criminals love taking advantage of a crisis. In times of panic, people are more susceptible to click on links from unknown sources. It is a golden opportunity for cyber spies to prey on vulnerability and human error with emotions running high. Only last week, government backed hacking groups from China, Russia and North Korea hid malware in COVID-19 news updates. These attempts aren’t novel as similar scams rose from the Paris terror attack in November 2015.

With everything going on around us, it is understandable that online scams wouldn’t be at the forefront of everyone’s mind. When we hear the word ‘phishing’, we typically associate this threat with a dodgy email from an unknown source. However, cyber criminals are getting more and more creative and are constantly looking for new ways to catch us off guard. 

Remote Working

As more companies migrate to remote working, communication platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Skype will become critical for allowing employees to stay connected. These channels provide new opportunities for hackers to exploit. So, without the same visibility and control that you have in the office, how do you ensure that your remote workers are safe from compromise? 

For a start, carry out the same precautions you would if you were in the office. Do not open links from unknown sources, always seek verification when in doubt and follow the same security protocols on your smartphone that you would on your office desktop.

Corrata Security Solution

Smartphones and tablets will become more essential meaning that traditional security systems will no longer suffice. With Corrata, businesses can be confident that mobile devices are secure from phishing and malware attacks. Deployment is remote and instant meaning that we can secure your employees’ devices from whatever location they are working.

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