Does your tablet need security protection?

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Your laptop and mobile phone are secure, but what about your iPad? 

Computers and cyber security go together like pen and paper. They’re a duo that always go hand in hand. We just accept and expect that cyber security is implemented in every organization. You probably know the importance of mobile security too, given the frequent reports of malware scares and phishing attacks over the last few years. But what about tablet security? Do you need to worry about potential cyber risks on your company iPad or Android Tablet? The short answer – definitely.

Tablet uses 

Tablets are becoming a popular device choice in many organizations. Their size, weight and cost make them a better option than laptops for many usage scenarios. They are the ideal platform for giving demos to clients, not to mention convenient for remote workers accessing their business applications on the road or at home. Tablets are also deployed in financial institutions such as banks to allow customers to access their accounts easily.   


It’s important to remember that these smart, slick devices are in fact a mini computer or a mini operating system. Therefore, your company tablets are vulnerable to the same mobile phishing attacks via email, social media and instant messaging platforms. Again, just like with mobile phones, tablets are at risk of malware attacks where malicious code hides in seemingly innocent apps. A risky download could install spyware onto the device, giving cyber spies access to passwords, bank details and customer accounts. 

 But is there anything in particular you should keep in mind regarding your tablet?

Tablet specific 

A pen stylus and attachable keyboard transforms a tablet into a small laptop. Even without these accessories, a tablet will often be used for much more mission critical activities than a smartphone.  It might be used to capture customers details, to update project documents or to review a client’s financial statements. This adds up to a whole range of sensitive documents being accessed and downloaded to your device. As we say in the cyber security game, the ‘attack surface’ for your typical tablet is much larger than for the typical smartphone. Not because of the underlying technology, but because of how it’s used.

Consider the sharing nature of a tablet. Your mobile phone is private and personal. However, multiple employees/customers might use the same tablet. Similarly, a parent might give their work tablet to their children in the evening to watch Peppa Pig or play Minecraft. The bottom line is that it’s much more difficult to monitor the device as it passes between multiple users a day. 

Building on this, consider the example of clients using a tablet in a bank. If the tablet is freely available, anyone could walk in off the street and download some malicious software, whether unintentionally or otherwise.  

So what do you need to do ? 

As we all know, cyber security is essential for every business. Just remember not to forget your tablets when you’re planning your endpoint security strategy. Products such as Corrata typically work on any mobile form factor – smartphone, tablet and everything in between.

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