Corrata Confidential: The 3 benefits of a Zero Gateway Solution

Zero Gateway Benefits

Zero Gateway ensures device performance, employee privacy and company confidentiality

One of the coolest things about Corrata is that that we are zero gateway. This means that we implement control over internet traffic at the device level. Unlike other providers, we avoid the traditional approach of routing all the traffic through a cloud gateway. By eliminating that extra connectivity step, we deliver an all round better mobility experience for enterprises. This approach has huge benefits in terms of device performance, employee privacy and company confidentiality. Hence, why people refer to us as the ‘zero gateway’ solution.  

Device Performance

Without the need to route all your traffic through a gateway, we make sure that your internet traffic gets to and from its destination directly – this insures low latency and high throughput. It also ensures that you avoid common gateway failure scenarios such as when you lose internet connectivity completely or congestion (when your traffic slows to a crawl). Employees need optimal internet connectivity at all times whether they are in the office or roaming overseas. 

Employee Privacy

Zero gateway also preserves employee privacy. With typical gateways, employers can see what sites or apps their employees are visiting. Our software however, does not record employee internet activity and only transmits security sensitive data to the cloud. For example, if a device tried to click on a phishing link. Our app is GDPR compliant by design making it easy for companies to comply with employee privacy regulations.

Company Confidentiality

A less appreciated benefit of the zero gateway approach is the way it preserves the confidentially to an organization’s information. Consider how routing your organization’s traffic through a third party gateway exposes your company’s information to monitoring. Third parties have access to all your senior executive mobile web activity: what sites they visit, what apps they use etc. Any data sent without encryption can be seen in plain text. Your service provider can see commercially sensitive information such as where your employees travel, the mobile operators they use and the amount of mobile data they consume. 

Corrata’s on device architecture allows you to avoid these compromises. Because your traffic is not routed through a gateway, there is no requirement for Corrata’s backend (Corrata Cloud) to receive any information from your employees’ devices. Data usage policies are downloaded by the Corrata App from Corrata Cloud. Corrata App then applies these policies. The app keeps track of usage, and implements capping, blacklisting and whitelisting as specified in the policy.

Giving You the Control

You decide what data you want to collect from your devices and where to send the data. By default, Corrata will collect information about the countries visited and the amount of data used by employees. However, it is entirely possible to configure Corrata to not transmit any of this data to the Corrata Cloud. In this case, the Corrata mobile app simply applies the desired usage policy on the individual device and sends no information back to Corrata Cloud. Alternatively, we can configure the Corrata App to transmit this information but to send it directly to your organization, bypassing Corrata Cloud completely.  

Device performance, employee privacy and company confidentiality:  the three benefits of Corrata’s zero gateway architecture. To learn more and see for yourself just get in touch and we’ll happily set up your free trial.


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