Ulster Bank

Ulster Bank is the third largest commercial bank in Ireland with over 3,000 employees, 1.9 million customers and a balance sheet of over £20 billion. Founded in 1836, Ulster Bank is a subsidiary of UK headquartered Natwest, one of the top ten banks in the World.


Sector: Banking

Size: 3,000 employees

Corrata Achieved:

  • 5 million internet host scans per month across Ulster Bank’s mobile fleet

  • Over 100,000 mobile threats intercepted in the first year

One of Corrata’s key advantages is that, once installed, it works unobtrusively in the background keeping devices safe and compliant.

Tony Hamilton,
Technology Oversight

The Challenge

Digital transformation is critical for Ulster Bank. It supports the organization in improving both its services to customers and the efficiency of its internal operations. Mobile devices are a key enabler of the transformation which Ulster Bank is achieving. For employees, it’s about having the confidence that they can interact with colleagues and customers on digital channels. For branch operations, it’s about offering a digital experience for customers who visit Ulster Bank’s extensive network of retail outlets.

However, the greater use of mobile brings with it challenges: how to ensure the same levels of security and compliance on devices which are used outside the network perimeter. And also, how to enable this transformation in an environment where cost containment is a key issue for all banks.


Branch Operations

Customers use the Android and iOS tablets provided in Ulster Bank branches to access online banking services, to open new accounts and to apply for mortgages and loans. These tablets are also used for branch operations. The tablets need to be configured in a flexible manner providing access to a wide variety of relevant sites and apps but restricting access to irrelevant, insecure or risky content. Given the variety of uses, kiosk mode or application and website whitelisting were not considered effective solutions. Corrata provides the ability to easily and simply control what was being done on the devices.


Employee Devices

Ulster Bank provides many of its employees with smartphones and tablets to improve
productivity, collaboration and communications. Ulster Bank uses Blackberry UEM to manage and configure these devices. However, beyond the network perimeter, these devices lack the protections and controls available to traditional endpoints. This leaves them vulnerable to phishing attacks and makes it difficult to detect malware infections.

a phone with a screen showing a corata search menu

Corrata delivers immediate measurable improvement in our security posture, compliance with acceptable use policies and control over mobile threats.

Ailish Galvin,
Head of Technology Oversight

The Solution

Ulster Bank selected Corrata as the best solution to address these challenges. In particular, Ulster Bank was impressed by Corrata’s unique capability to detect and defend against malicious activity which is invisible to competing solution. Corrata has been deployed across both employee devices and customer facing tablets.

In addition, it is difficult to ensure that acceptable usage policies are complied with and that risky content is not being accessed on company owned devices. Mobile antivirus solutions can’t provide the protection required and competing mobile threat defense solutions present significant privacy issues. Corrata provides comprehensive protection and control, was easy to deploy and doesn’t require intrusive monitoring of employees’ private information.



Today, Corrata protects both branch tablets and employee devices at Ulster Bank. It stops phishing attacks over all mobile channels including email, sms, messaging apps like WhatsApp and collaboration tools such as Zoom. Malware detected by Corrata is immediately disabled and reported to the InfoSec team for remediation. Access to malware download sites and other risky or non compliant categories of content is blocked. Finally, rules around acceptable usage can be enforced without impacting on employees’ ability to get the job done.


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