Specialist Waste Disposal

Our customer is a leading provider of specialist waste disposal services to the healthcare sector. The firm caters to hospitals, surgeries, hospices and other facilities which require safe, compliant and fully transparent disposal of clinical and other waste. This means collecting, transporting and disposing of a wide variety of clinical waste items such as dressings, swaps, and needles as well as pharmaceutical byproducts, from thousands of locations.


Sector: Healthcare

Size: 2,000 employees

Corrata Achieved:

  • 95% plus of employee devices have a high security status

  • Successfully thwarted multiple sophisticated phishing attacks

Mobile is an integral part of this customer’s business. From the Finance Department to the Contact Centre, more than 1,000 employees are equipped with a company mobile device that they must use to authenticate their computer logins using two-factor authentication. Then there are the numerous operatives out on the road collecting and delivering waste material, all of whom need to access the company’s tracking systems using mobile devices. Employees interact with their phones and tablets literally hundreds of times a day.

The Challenge

Mobile devices present a more convenient and less cumbersome alternative to laptops for drivers, sales reps and customer account managers travelling around the country.

They constantly use them to pull up sensitive client information as they visit hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, primary care clinics and other healthcare facilities. The challenge is that mobile devices out in the world do not benefit from the same security as traditional endpoints such as laptops and other pc’s.. This makes sensitive information vulnerable to opportunistic cybercriminals.


The clear and obvious gap we’ve had in our security for the last three or four years was we weren’t preventing or stopping users from getting on malicious websites. I’m fully confident that we have now fixed the final puzzle piece in our security jigsaw with Corrata.

Security Engineer,
Medical Waste Company

The Solution

The company successfully trialed the Corrata solution on over 20 devices before deploying across the organization.  The trial demonstrated Corrata’s powerful feature set and confirmed that the added security did not come at the expense of user experience or device performance.

Corrata provides the full spectrum of protections including anti-phishing, advanced malware detection and response, port blocking, web content filtering, and more. But perhaps the feature that our customer finds most valuable is Zero Day Threat Protection – a proprietary feature that looks for threats that have not yet been identified in industry threat feeds. Previously undocumented phishing threats and malware attacks are stopped in their tracks with the functionality Zero Day Threat Protection provides.

Corrata updates the InfoSec team on emerging threats and security issues including MFA bypass attacks and QR code phishing.  MFA bypass attacks allow cybercriminals circumvent MFA requirements to gain unauthorized access to enterprise applications. When the company was targeted with just such an attack, Corrata identified and blocked it.  What’s more,  by automatically alerting the SecOps team, an effective and timely response was initiated across the entire organization.


MFA bypass wasn’t a known threat to us. It wasn’t something that was particularly recognized or categorized to block and defend against. But Corrata’s Zero Day Threat Protection did protect us. So you know it’s done its job perfectly.

Senior Manager,
Security Operations,
Medical Waste Company

The Results

Corrata’s integration with their existing systems was a seamless experience for this customer.. During the onboarding process, a dedicated Corrata customer success engineer scheduled regular meetings to ensure the platform was fully deployed across their infrastructure.

“The onboarding process was an absolute breeze. It came to a zero-touch install where we just hit deploy and it just went onto 1,000-odd devices without us having to interact with them or activate the accounts or anything. That was fantastic. Absolutely amazing. We were planning on this process potentially taking several months. And it was on basically 90 plus per cent of our devices already in like the first week or two.”  IT Support Engineer,  Medical Waste Company

Today, organizations of all types leverage mobile to drive digital transformation. Often, however, such efforts leave the company’s exposed to risks which are not being properly mitigated.  By deploying Corrata, organizations can reap the full benefits of mobile while maintaining the appropriate information security posture.


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