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3Mobile Protect interview

Partner Exclusive: Three Ireland shares their experience launching 3Mobile Protect to their business customers

Early this year, Three Ireland began offering Corrata’s mobile security solution to their business customers. Recently, we caught up with Ciara O’Reilly, Head of Product, Propositions and Operations for Three Ireland, who shared her 3Mobile Protect go-to-market experience… 

Market research

Ciara started by outlining the results of the market research they conducted in late 2019.  The first concern business customers voiced was about malware and phishing attacks. Unlike desktop, companies said that they had no way of preventing such attacks on mobile. What’s more, they explained that they had no way of knowing if an attack had even occurred. 

Companies also listed the ability to remote wipe as a top priority in the event of a device being lost or stolen. Since GDPR policies came into effect, businesses understand that they have a responsibility to ensure that sensitive company and customer information remains safe and secure. 

The last insight to come out of the research was the need for a web-filtering solution. Customers wanted to be able to manage sites and apps that their employees were visiting on mobile. They stressed that it was important to have the same control of corporate mobile devices that they would have on desktop. 

Remote working during COVID-19

Ciara explained how cyber threats have skyrocketed since March 2020 as companies migrated to remote work. As targeted cyber attacks continued to make headlines, businesses realised that they didn’t have the same security systems in place at home as they did in the traditional office. 

“One single mobile device vulnerability is a vulnerability for the whole business” 

cyber attacks increase during covid

Mobile specific threats 

Three have seen an upsurge in phishing attacks over the last six months. O’Reilly explained how cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated with their attacks by using a combination of platforms to trick users. 

One commonly reported example was smishing, or a phishing SMS, claiming to be from a well known Irish bank. Cyber criminals then followed up with a convincing email. Using a dual strategy like this makes it more difficult for users to detect a scam. 

sms phishing

Reasons for choosing Corrata 

Three outlined their core reasons for choosing Corrata. Firstly, they were impressed with Corrata’s extensive security features including malware protection, anti-phishing, WiFi security and web filtering. 

Secondly, privacy and confidentiality was essential for Three business customers. Corrata is designed with user privacy in mind as all activity is done on the device eliminating the need for proxies or gateways.  

zero gateway

Finally, customer experience was critical. From their market research, Three knew that the security solution needed to be simple to deploy, install and manage. 

“There’s no impact on the device, or battery…it’s seamless” 

With a simple once-off onboarding process and handy personalised usage reports, Corrata avoids the complexities of competing solutions.   

3Mobile Protect install benefits

Customer response 

Three business customers across a multitude of industries have reaped the benefits of 3Mobile Protect since deploying the security solution. 

“The response to 3Mobile Protect has been fantastic” 

One such success story is with Irish charity Dublin Simon Community. Speaking to The Irish Times, Head of Finance and Corporate Services, Martin Hannigan stated that 3Mobile Protect has “prevented potential attacks that [they] never would have been aware of before”.

3Mobile Protect benefits

We look forward to working with Three over the coming years to give their business customers the protection they need against the full scope of cyber threats.

You can watch the full interview with Ciara O’Reilly below.

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