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Mobile Endpoint Security

Mobile threat defense which is easy to deploy and manage and goes deeper to protect your organization from cyber-threats

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Threats detected per device every day


Or less to remediate malware infection


Threats are phishing attacks

Unmatched Phishing Protection

Instantly identifies and blocks phishing attacks via SMS, emails, WhatsApp and other social media channels
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Advanced Malware & Spyware Threat Defense

Detects and disables advanced malware, spyware and other zero day attacks preventing any data breaches

Fortify devices from network attacks

Protects sensitive data while on public networks and impedes interception of sensitive communications

Robust Web Filtering

Implements acceptable use policies tailored to your organization’s needs and control usage of cloud services

Mobile Security with an Edge

Deep Visibility

  • Corrata created the world’s first enterprise-grade firewall for mobile to deliver complete visibility and control over threats to your device’s security.
  • Traditional solutions which rely on proxies or DNS filtering scan only 2% of total internet traffic to determine cyber-threats. Why settle for a worm’s view when our solution guarantees a bird’s eye view of current cyberthreats
What makes our firewall more powerful

No Gateway

Our unparalleled “on-device security solution” assures 3 key elements lacking in current gateway-based solutions: 


  • Employee privacy – preserves the confidentiality of their data 
  • Unobtrusive solution –  Doesn’t disrupt the regular workflow on the device 
  • Tailor-made Policies – Devise organizational policies down to the device level to protect business data


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Zero Day Protection

  • With deep traffic visibility and Machine Learning assisted zero-day threat detection, Corrata ensures that new undocumented or previously undetected phishing and malware threats are promptly blocked.
  • This feature combined with 100% internet traffic check empowers our solution to detect highly sophisticated threats that are missed by traditional mobile security solutions
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Uncomplicated solution for complex threats

Uncompromising User Experience
Once installed on an employee’s phone or tablet Corrata works silently in the background defending against security threats. Employees receive alerts when sites are blocked and clear instructions to remedy poor security configurations should they arise. When security events arise, Corrata provides IT staff have access to all relevant information.
Easy Deployment, Minimum Effort, Maximum Results
The key focus behind our deployment process is seamless customer experience. The onboarding process is quick, smooth & simple and requires minimum effort from internal IT resources. Corrata can be deployed on a standalone basis or integrated with your IT stack including MDM, Endpoint Protection Platforms, SSO, SIEM and CASB.
Safeguarding Employee Privacy
Corrata’s innovative approach to mobile threat defense means that employees no longer have to accept intrusive monitoring in order to ensure that their devices are protected. Unlike competing solutions Corrata does not access location information or read the content of messages. Nor does Corrata require employees to grant access to sensitive or obscure permissions.

The Corrata

Easy Deployment
Minimum IT Effort
No Setup Fee
Protects Employee Privacy
Seamless User Experience
Set your own policies

Real Customers
Real Success Stories

Read why organizations across the public & private sector trust our technology to
secure their digital assets
" We chose Corrata because it protects against malware and phishing and ensures compliance with acceptable use policies. And, it does this without compromising employee privacy or user experience."
Tony Hamilton
Technology Oversight, Ulster Bank
Corrata’s robust and granular controls over application data access and incredible customer service were the missing link in our corporate mobile device strategy "
Matthew Teasdale
Business Analyst, Canwel
" Corrata has helped us secure patient data and ensure compliance with Government regulations such as HIPAA without any complicated software. The app is easy to use and works effectively on devices without obstructing the regular duties of our EMS staff
Jared Graham
IT Specialist, Excelsior EMS

Case Study

Ulster Bank
Donegal ETB
Excelsior Ambulance
Ulster Bank
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Donegal ETB
Read why Donegal ETB, a public sector organization in Ireland
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Excelsior Ambulance
Read how Corrata’s Mobile Security Solution helped Excelsior Ambulance
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