Product overview

Corrata offers the enterprise unrivalled visibility and control over your organization’s use of data and apps on mobile devices

Corrata Mobility Control is an innovative on device solution which enables organizations to apply usage and content control to employee mobile activity without compromising employee privacy. Organizations using Corrata can defend against the threats posed by email and sms phishing, malicious sites and roges apps while also reducing the unnecessary mobile data costs. By implementing control at the device level Corrata avoids the compromises in performance and privacy which routing traffic through a gateway entail.  Corrata is simple to deploy, requires no inhouse infrastructure and supports both Android and IOS devices.  Corrata is compatible with all major MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions including Citrix XenMobile, Mobileiron, Airwatch and Microsoft Intune.

Control mobile data usage

Corrata enables any organization to establish and apply mobile data usage policies tailored to their corporate culture and business needs.  Allow unrestricted access to fair usage limits for domestic data while setting more restrictive policies for roaming.  Set caps on non business usage while never blocking critical business apps.

  • Customize policies to match job roles
  • Restrict non business usage
  • Whitelist business apps to ensure unrestricted access
  • Blacklist high bandwidth apps such as Neflix, Snapchat or Instagram

Filter web site and app traffic

Using Corrata an organization can prevent employees accessing malicious IP addresses or domains (for example due to phishing, adware or unauthorized apps) and inappropriate content.  Corrata’s protection applies whether the device is on a cellular or wifi connection.

  • Access to malicious content blocked at the device level
  • Restrict access across both browsers (native and non native) and apps
  • Restrict access to specific sites or categories of site (e.g. adult).
  • Based on latest threat intelligence

Employee Empowerment

The Corrata App for IOS and Android provides employees with real time visibility of data usage and timely advice around how to avoid unnecessary costs.

  • User friendly employee onboarding process
  • Timely notification to employees
  • Easy to use employee app


Measure employee usage (not usage installation) or enterprise apps to understand the apps that are gaining traction across your organization.  Ge insight into ‘shadow IT’ – the apps and services that your employees are sourcing independently to boost their productivity.

  • Detailed reporting at the device and enterprise level.
  • Track how newly launched enterprise apps are penetrating the organization.
  • Understand not just what is installed but what is used.

How it works

 Corrata Mobility Control is comprised of Corrata App, a mobile application for smartphones and tablets, Corrata Cloud, a cloud hosted software platform and Corrata Console, a web based administration portal.

Corrata Mobility Control is unique in applying policy control without the need to route traffic through a proxy or vpn gateway.  This approach improves user experience through greater reliability, lower latency and higher throughput and provides better privacy and security for the employee and the organization.

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Corrata App

Corrata App is a low footprint mobile app which can be downloaded to any IOS or Android device.  The App provides employees with the information they need to manage their mobile data use responsibly.  The App is also responsible for measuring data usage, analysing it by type (domestic, roaming, wifi, tethered etc) and by domain and applying policy control (usage caps, blacklisting, whitelisting).


Corrata Cloud

Corrata Cloud collects and monitors control data from employee apps and ensures that threat intelligence is updated in a timely manner.  It’s the cloud component of the Corrata Mobility Control solutoin.  Corrata Cloud monitors the status of devices, categorizes new access requests, gathers and analyzes the data captured by the Corrata App and generates alerts, notifications and blocks.


Corrata Console

System administrators access the Corrata Cloud through an intuitive web interface for configuration, reporting and troubleshooting.  The web-based administration portal is used to manage device enrollment, to set policies and to view reports.  



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Employee mobile data use is exploding.

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