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Today’s mobile threat landscape
Much has changed in enterprise mobility since the launch of the iPhone ten years ago. Among other things, we’ve seen improvements in the underlying operating systems, better enterprise support and the emergence of mature mobility management platforms. But significant and persistent mobile threats remain. This whitepaper explains the nature of these threats and the steps every enterprise needs to take to protect their sensitive information in an ever-connected world.
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By Fiona 18th August 2021

Protection Against the Latest Phishing Threats

Phishing scams are rampant all over the world. Some of the biggest organizations across the globe have been victims of phishing threats recently. In the past few weeks, there have been multiple phishing texts sent to people all over Ireland and the UK. Some of these texts look so authentic and just one careless click […]

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By Fiona 18th August 2021

Securing your Business Apps: Corrata’s Latest Updates

The cyber-threat landscape is evolving. 2021 has proven that even the biggest companies and governments in the world are vulnerable to cyber-attacks and need months to recover from the loss of data. Implementing strong security measures to protect business apps is more important than ever before. And this time, the security measures need to cover […]

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By Fiona 9th August 2021

How secure are the news sites your employees visit on their mobile devices?

Mobile phones and tablets have made their way into every part of our lives both personally and professionally. Work phones given to employees are not just used for official purposes, but also used for entertainment, social networking, and online shopping. The functions are endless. But companies forget to secure these mobile devices/tablets. Not all websites […]

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Today's mobile threat landscape
Much has changed in enterprise mobility since the launch of the iPhone ten years ago. Among other things, we've seen improvements in the underlying operating system...
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