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By Sandhya Ganesan 21st October 2021

Understanding Alternative Approaches to Mobile Device Security

Threats against mobile devices are increasing. The risk to organizations that sensitive information will be stolen is rising. Cyber-attackers are using advanced mobile malware and social engineering to compromise the security of devices. Today, organizations are looking for cyber-security products to protect their employees against these threats and the market for such products is evolving […]

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By Sandhya Ganesan 11th October 2021

Rising Threats of Social Media Phishing Attacks

The Rising Threat of Social Media Phishing Attacks Phishing, attempting to fraudulently acquire sensitive personal information from an unsuspecting user, is a well-known cyber threat in today’s digital world. For years, cybercriminals have successfully stolen the personal details of internet users through malicious websites and links sent via email. But as cyber-security has developed, users […]

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By Sandhya Ganesan 5th October 2021

Securing business data without compromising employee privacy

Remote and hybrid work is the new normality and COVID-19 has further cemented the need for businesses to support flexible working environments. But the comfort of working from home comes with its own set of challenges. With the sudden shift to remote working in 2020, many organizations were woefully unprepared in terms of securing their […]

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