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Mobile Threat Defense

Mobile Device Security and Compliance – protecting mobile devices from phishing, malware, and insecure infrastructure, while ensuring compliance with acceptable use policies.

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Today’s mobile
threat landscape

Mobile devices are at the heart of how every organization is run today. Mobile devices are also the new frontier in the fight against cyber crime. Organizations need to urgently upgrade their cyber defenses to combat the rising tide of mobile threats.

“The signs are clear that mobile threats can no longer be ignored”

Gartner, 'Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense Solutions' (2017) Dionisio Zumerle, John Girard

Today’s most critical mobile threats
require granular visibility and control to protect endpoints

Mobile Phishing

People are far more likely to fall for phishing attacks on mobile than on desktop. Mobile presents multiple mechanisms for phishing attacks: email, SMS, social media such as Twitter or LinkedIn, and messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Malware Infection

Hundreds of vulnerabilities continue to be found in both iOS and Android leaving them exposed to malware infection. Malicious apps continue to make their way onto official and unofficial app stores. This leaves sensitive data on mobile devices at serious risk.

Data Leakage

Security weaknesses in connectivity technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, together with patchy encryption, means your data is at risk. The uncontrolled use of unapproved cloud services by employees is another way in which sensitive information can leak.


Corrata Security and Control detects and prevents attacks instantly with Machine Learning driven device control. Corrata provides the best available mobile threat defense by detecting and blocking any device attempting to connect to phishing sites, malicious hosts, unofficial app stores or CnC servers.

Threat Detection

Corrata detects compromised devices, apps and infrastructure by analyzing a comprehensive set of indicators including network traffic, operating system patch status and configuration settings.

  • Identify threats by monitoring device content, settings, and activity for malicious behavior
  • Inspect network activity across multiple layers and protocols to prevent connections to compromised servers
  • Machine learning algorithms target zero-day threats
  • Threat intelligence updated hourly
  • Integrate with SIEM

Threat Protection

Corrata provides protection against mobile threats by detecting and blocking phishing attacks, malicious content, unofficial app stores and CnC servers.

  • Protect against social engineering attacks by blocking access to phishing over email, SMS, social media, and messaging applications
  • Prevent malware infection by blocking access to unofficial app stores
  • Filter malicious sites and content
  • Disable malware by intercepting communications with CnC infrastructure


Corrata can be configured to enforce your organization’s acceptable use policies by blocking access to content deemed inappropriate in a work environment.

  • Filter access to inappropriate content
  • Block usage of unapproved cloud storage
  • Prevent usage of high bandwidth non-business apps over cellular connections


SafePathML is Corrata's patent pending technology for detecting and protecting against mobile threats. SafePathML works across multiple layers and protocols to deliver granular visibility and control of mobile device activity.

SafePathML goes deeper than other technologies to detect threats with greater accuracy and to respond with greater precision. It is the first mobile security solution to incorporate an enterprise grade firewall.

SafePathML's greater precision and more granular control reduces false positives, automates responses and eliminates the need to take devices off-line.

Ease of Deployment and Management

The Corrata App is available from the iOS and Android app stores and is compatible with any iOS or Android device.

Corrata works with both unmanaged, managed, supervised and unsupervised devices.

Corrata can be deployed directly from the Apple and Android app stores or through an MDM solution. Integration with leading MDM vendors makes it easy to enroll and manage devices. Corrata can also be integrated with leading SIEM solutions.

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