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European Cybersecurity Startup of the Year 2018

Introducing Corrata's Immune System for Mobile

At Corrata we have pioneered a different approach to securing mobile devices against cyber threats. Our approach is about protecting the device rather than simply monitoring it. Our vision is to act as an immune system for your mobile device - protecting against attacks and fighting back against those that occur.

What is the problem currently facing organizations?

Mobile devices face multiple security threats including phishing, malware, and insecure Wi-Fi. Organizations tasked with defending their mobile devices against compromise often lack the tools to protect against these threats and are therefore at risk.

Mobile Device Management systems focus primarily on device configuration and don't offer protection against today's most significant mobile threats.

Organizations need an endpoint protection solution for mobile which is effective in securing devices, easy to deploy and manage, and meets end user privacy and performance expectations.

Corrata's unique SafePathML technology provides instant, targeted protection against mobile threats
with an on-device firewall and intelligent threat detection.

Corrata's solution is the first to incorporate an enterprise grade firewall. This provides robust
protection operating across multiple network layers and protocols, making it difficult
for even the most determined attackers to avoid detection.

To protect against previously undiscovered attacks Corrata has developed
unique, machine learning assisted techniques which isolate and quarantine suspicious activity
and protect against even the most sophisticated attacks.

Corrata examines every connection to and from your mobile device
to ensure it is both safe and policy compliant.

SafePathML provides granular
visibility to instantly
detect active mobile threats

Corrata protects against
threats and provides
complete control

Threat Protection

Corrata Security and Control provides protection from the full scope of mobile threats. The solution protects against social engineering attacks by blocking access to phishing over email, SMS, social media, and messaging applications. It also prevents malware infection by blocking access to unofficial app stores, filtering malicious sites and content, as well as intercepting communication with CnC infrastructure to disable any malware attacks that do occur.

Threat Detection

Corrata identifies threats by monitoring device content, settings, and activity for malicious behavior. It also inspects network activity across multiple layers and protocols to prevent connections to compromised servers. Corrata's ground-breaking SafePathML algorithms target zero-day threats and with threat intelligence updated hourly and integration with SIEM, Corrata ensures that no threat goes undetected.

Usage Control

Corrata enables any organization to establish and enforce mobile data usage policies tailored to their corporate culture and business needs. For example, administrators can set per device daily and/or monthly caps for non-business domestic and roaming usage, blacklist high bandwidth entertainment apps (Netflix, YouTube) from using mobile data while allowing them over Wi-Fi, or whitelist business critical apps so employees can always get the job done. Corrata also enables analysis of individual data usage by site and by application.


Corrata can be configured to enforce your organization’s acceptable use policies by blocking access to any content deemed harmful, illegal, or inappropriate in a work environment. Usage of unapproved cloud services can also be restricted. Corrata ensures that mobile activity is policy compliant and doesn’t expose the organization to legal or reputation risk.

How It Works

Corrata Security and Control is comprised of the Corrata App, a mobile application for smartphones and tablets, Corrata Cloud, a cloud hosted software platform, and Corrata Console, a web based administration portal

Corrata App

Corrata App is a low footprint mobile app which can be downloaded to any iOS or Android device via EMM or directly from the app store.

The Corrata App enables device activity to be controlled in real-time to provide instant protection against threats and enforce organizational policies.

The App scans for security threats and vulnerabilities and gives Corrata visibility of security sensitive information. It provides employees with security alerts, information about device security status, acceptable use policies and an overview of mobile data usage.

Corrata Cloud

Corrata Cloud receives anonymized data on security sensitive device activity allowing it to assist with threat detection. Corrata Cloud also collects the latest threat intelligence from a variety of sources including Corrata's Threat Research team and third party threat feeds.

In addition, Corrata Cloud is responsible for the management of the Corrata App installed on end user devices, the recording of policies, and integration with third party systems such as MDM and SIEM.

Corrata Console

System administrators access the Corrata Cloud through an intuitive web interface for configuration, reporting, and troubleshooting.

The web-based administration portal is used to manage device enrollment, to set policies, and to view reports and analytics.

Device support

Corrata can be used with any Android device running 6.0 or later, or any Apple device running iOS 10.5 or later. Corrata works on managed, unmanaged, supervised and unsupervised devices.

Enterprise Mobility
Management Integration

Corrata integrates will all major EMM platforms including Microsoft Intune, VMWare Airwatch, MobileIron, Citrix ZenMobile, IBM Maas360 and SOTI MobiControl. Using your existing EMM platform you can easily manage device enrollment and compliance.

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