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The Immune System for Mobile. Protect your mobile devices from phishing, malware and other risky content

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Read how Corrata was a mobile security gamechanger for Donegal ETB

Unrivalled protection against risky content
Block access to phishing sites, malware download sites and other risky, offensive or inappropriate content.
Secure data against network attacks
Ensure that sensitive data is protected as it traverses the internet. Prevent man-in-the-middle and other network attacks.
Advanced Detection and Response
Detect and disable advanced malware and other zero day attacks. Instantly quarantine impacted devices.
Robust web filtering and cloud app control
Implement acceptable use policies and discover and control usage of cloud services.
of all sites contain risky content
site scans per device per day
average threats per device per month
devices access illegal content
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Ulster Bank
Case Study
Learn how Ulster Bank secured their mobile device fleet with Corrata
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Corrata’s solution does not only provide unprecedented threat prevention capabilities but also effectively addresses product shortcomings of its main competitors.
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What makes Corrata the best mobile security solution

Enterprise Grade Firewall

Corrata created the world’s first enterprise grade firewall for mobile to deliver complete visibility and control over threats to your device’s security.

Solutions which rely on proxies or DNS filtering leave you vulnerable across a wide range of ports and protocols


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Zero Gateway

By operating ‘on-device’ Corrata avoids the privacy, confidentially and performance compromises of gateway based solution


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Zero Day Protection

Corrata combines deep traffic visibility with Machine Learning assisted zero day threat detection to ensures that previously undocumented phishing and malware threats are disabled.


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Uncompromising User Experience

Corrata’s solution works unobtrusively in the background allowing your employees to enjoy secure mobility without compromising performance, latency or user experience.

Flexible Deployment

Corrata can be deployed on a standalone basis or integrated with your IT stack including MDM, Endpoint Protection Platforms, SSO, SIEM and CASB.

Learn more about using Corrata for Data Control
Learn more about using Corrata for Data Control
Learn how Corrata uses it powerful underlying technology to enable organizations to eliminate data overages and cut costs
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