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Mobile Internet Security and Usage Control

Product Overview

Corrata’s solution offers the enterprise unrivaled visibility and control over security and data usage on mobile devices.

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European Cybersecurity Startup of the Year 2018

What is the problem currently facing organizations?

When connected to cellular, residential or public Wi-Fi mobile devices are no longer protected by network-centric security infrastructure such as firewalls and secure web gateways.

These controls are not available in Enterprise Mobility Management platforms. Without these protections it is impossible for information security teams to defend, detect and investigate threats such as mobile phishing, mobile malware and Wi-Fi based attacks.

Neither can organizations ensure that employee mobile usage is in compliance with acceptable use policies from a content and cost perspective.

Corrata’s Zero Gateway Architecture

Corrata’s breakthrough solution makes is easy to extend web
security to every mobile device on any network.

By working at the device level, Corrata avoids the compromises in performance
and privacy which routing traffic through a gateway can entail.

Corrata is simple to deploy, integrates will all major EMM
platforms and is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Existing solutions

VPN or Proxy gateway

Corrata’s Solution

Zero Gateway

Threat Defense

Corrata provides protection against mobile threats by preventing devices from connecting to phishing sites, malicious hosts, unofficial app stores and CnC servers. As well as defending against known threats it enables instant response to newly discovered attacks based on up-to-date threat intelligence. Comprehensive logging and integration with SIEM supports rapid detection of IOC’s (Indicators of Compromise) across the entire device fleet.

Security Status

Corrata detects compromised devices, apps and infrastructre by analyzing a comprehensive set of indicators including network traffic, operating system patch status and configuration settings. Corrata’s unparalleled visibility into device behavior enables accurate assessment of the security status of both iOS and Android devices. Corrata monitors the encryption status of all connections to guard against the risks of insecure Wi-Fi.

Usage Control

Corrata enables any organization to establish and apply mobile data usage policies tailored to their corporate culture and business needs. For example, administrators can set daily and/or monthly caps for non-business domestic and roaming usage, blacklist high bandwidth entertainment apps from using mobile data while allowing them over Wi-Fi, or whitelist business critical apps so employees can always get the job done.


Corrata can be configured to enforce your organization’s acceptable use policies by blocking access to content deemed inappropriate in a work environment. Corrata ensures that mobile activity is policy compliant and doesn’t expose the organization to legal or reputation risk.

How It Works

Corrata's Internet Security and Usage Control solution is comprised of: Corrata App, a mobile application for smartphones and tablets, Corrata Cloud, a cloud hosted software platform and Corrata Console, a web based administration portal

Corrata App

Corrata App is a low footprint mobile app which can be downloaded to any iOS or Android device via EMM or directly from the app store.

The Corrata app enables device network activity to be controlled in real time regardless of what network the device is using.

The app scans for security threats and vulnerabilities and gives the organization visibility of security sensitive device settings. The app provides employees with the latest security alerts, information about their device and an overview of mobile data usage.

Corrata Cloud

Corrata Cloud receives summary control data from enterprise mobile devices, ensures that threat intelligence is updated in a timely manner and analyzes device activity to identify potential threats. It is the cloud component of the Corrata solution.

Corrata Cloud monitors the status of devices, categorizes new access requests, gathers and analyzes the data captured by the Corrata app and generates alerts, notifications, and blocks.

Corrata Console

System administrators access the Corrata Cloud through an intuitive web interface for configuration, reporting, and troubleshooting.

The web-based administration portal is used to manage device enrollment, to set policies and to view reports and analytics.

Device support

Corrata can be used with any Android device running 5.0 or later, or any Apple device running iOS 10.3 or later. Corrata works on managed, unmanaged, supervised and unsupervised devices.

Enterprise Mobility
Management Integration

Corrata integrates will all major EMM platforms including Microsoft Intune, VMWare Airwatch, MobileIron, Citrix ZenMobile, IBM Maas360 and SOTI MobiControl. Using your exitsting EMM platform you can easily manage device enrollment and compliance.

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