Mobile Data Usage Control

Putting the enterprise in control of its mobile data usage.

The Corrata Approach – A control system for mobile data usage

In today’s mobile and cloud centric environment, an ever increasing proportion of enterprise data is handled by mobile devices and networks. This trend is driving major improvements in employee productivity but also exposes the enterprise to greater cost and risk. Corrata addresses these emerging challenges through its solution to manage mobile data usage. Corrata puts the enterprise in control of mobile data consumption, regardless over what network the data travels.


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Set usage policies at the enterprise, group or individual user level to filter web content, limit data roaming and manage general data usage.

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Examine mobile data usage in real time to monitor policy compliance at a granular level.

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Encourage compliance and/or restrict access when usage deviates from policy.

Enterprises set policies over appropriate use. This may be driven by cost considerations (for example restricting video streaming on devices with a shared data plan) or risk/productivity considerations (for example restricting access to malicious or inappropriate content)

Corrata’s software monitors the traffic routed over the mobile network both in terms of the destinations and the data volume

Advisory alerts can be provided to employees (for example when roaming in a high-cost location) or access can be restricted (for example to video streaming sites)

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The Corrata App alerts employees to inappropriate, costly or risky smartphone use. It enables usage to be monitored in real time, regardless of location. Corrata’s cloud software provisions the App with plan and policy information giving the App full policy visibility.

Cloud - Mobile Data Control

Corrata Cloud collects, monitors and reports on the consumption data from employee devices. It’s the cloud component of the Corrata Mobility Control solution. Corrata Cloud is responsible for a range of functions: it monitors the status of devices, gathers and analyzes the information about employee mobile data usage capturing by the App and generates alerts and notifications.

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System administrators access the Corrata Cloud through an intuitive web interface for configuration, reporting, and troubleshooting. The web-based administration portal is used to manage device enrollment, to set policies and to view reports and analytics.