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The Mobile Phishing Threat

With over 46,000 new sites created every day, phishing continues to rise as one of the greatest threats currently facing mobile devices. Our phones are quickly becoming our most important means of communication for our personal and professional lives, but as technology has become more advanced so too has the sophistication and frequency of phishing attacks.

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By Colm 10th February 2020

Cloud App Discovery in a mobile first world

With the growing popularity of SaaS services, sticking to the safe zone is key.   The rapid adoption of 3rd party SaaS services has driven cloud computing and digital transformation for many organizations. Google Drive, Dropbox and Salesforce amongst many others spring to mind. Services based on the SaaS model offer fantastic advantages. For a […]

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By Corrata 6th February 2020

Corrata becomes a JAM Card friendly organisation

Corrata are delighted to be recognised as a disability aware company by JAM Card We at Corrata are proud to announce our involvement with JAM Card and our company’s successful completion of their disability training programme. This training ensure that our staff are equipped to provide excellent customer service to people with learning difficulties, communication […]

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By Emma 31st January 2020

Does your tablet need security protection?

Your laptop and mobile phone are secure, but what about your iPad?  Computers and cyber security go together like pen and paper. They’re a duo that always go hand in hand. We just accept and expect that cyber security is implemented in every organization. You probably know the importance of mobile security too, given the […]

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