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Secure your organization’s mobile endpoints…. instantly

Mobile threat defense which is more powerful, more respectful of employee privacy and easier to deploy than competing solutions

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Why Your Business Needs Mobile Security

Phishing Threats

Hackers have diverted their attacks towards mobile devices as they have become a crucial part of business workflow. Mobile Phishing scams are more likely to be successful as they are easy to trust and hard to detect.

Surge in Mobile
Malware & Spyware Attacks

Mobile malware & spyware can steal your personal data and monitor every single device activity. A compromised mobile device can leak both personal and organizational data to cybercriminals. Dangerous spyware like Pegasus has infected devices of world political leaders

Unsafe WiFi

The pandemic era has enabled employees to work from anywhere. While beneficial, remote working has resulted in employees accessing critical business information from unsecured WiFi networks, leaving your organization's data vulnerable

Mobile Security for the 5G Era

Full Immunity Against Threats

Scans 100% of all internet requests to prevent cyber-threats

Built To Protect, Not Monitor

Guarantees user privacy. Corrata doesn’t monitor the content in texts, sensitive documents, or general activity

Zero Day equals Zero Worries

Zero Day phishing protection for advanced phishing attacks

Unique Device Security Score

Assesses security & vulnerabilities on your device


Employees more likely to click on a phishing link via mobile


Organizations regularly encounter mobile phishing scams


Organizations had at least one employee download malicious mobile apps


Modern Phishing sites use “https”

Why Customers
Trust Us to Secure Them

Corrata detects and prevents
at least 10 threats per device everyday
" One of Corrata’s key advantages is that, once installed, it works unobtrusively in the background keeping devices safe and compliant "
Tony Hamilton
Technology Oversight, Natwest
"Corrata doesn’t interfere with the performance of the device, and it only collects security critical data. No personal data is shared"
Ciara O'Reilly
Head of Product, Three Ireland
" Corrata has helped us secure patient data and ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations without any complicated software. "
Jared Graham
IT Specialist, Excelsior EMS

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