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Renewable Energy Services

"Corrata’s helps us spot jailbroken, misconfigured and
out-of-date mobile devices instantly and take action."


MaxGen Energy are the largest independent renewable energy service provider in the USA. Their field service team, comprised of over 1,200 skilled technicians and engineers provides safe, professional, and reliable services nationwide.

The Challenge

Providing employees with mobile data is critical to delivering excellent customer service. But, mobile data also carries the risk of high usage which can result in expensive bill shock incidents. This makes it difficult to accurately predict operating costs.

MaxGen Energy equip their team with robust technology solutions to deliver for their clients. Standardizing, de-risking and securing internet and app usage on business devices was a challenging yet critical goal for the IT department. Paying for excessive data use and costly large data plans was not a sustainable option. Solving these challenges without negatively impacting user experience or placing additional demands on the IT team was a priority for MaxGen.

Our carrier had proposed an APN based solution but the installation process was complex and beyond what we could expect our employees to do. Corrata was simple and also avoided the privacy issues associated with these gateway based services.


Kyle Tate, IT Manager
MaxGen Energy

The solution

From the beginning, MaxGen found the simplicity and power they were searching for in Corrata. Their policy was configured and pushed to the first devices in minutes and the benefits were immediate. Access to high bandwidth consuming apps, such as Netflix, was limited to WiFi only, with an instant reduction in cellular data usage and elimination of overages. Inappropriate apps and websites are filtered out, just like they are on the office network, helping limit work-time distractions and eliminate potential misuse of company resources.

Corrata’s security protects employees from phishing and malware attacks and helps the IT team spot jailbroken, misconfigured and out-of-date mobile devices instantly and take action.

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