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EMS Providers and their staff are equipped with mobile devices and tablets to stay connected with base/hospitals. They wanted to secure their patient records from any data breaches and also wanted to minimize distracting apps for their employees to ensure they are laser-focused on patient care

About Excelsior

Excelsior is an organization that provides emergency medical service and non-emergency ambulance transports for the residents of Middle and Southeast Georgia. Their ambulance teams are staffed by some of the most experienced paramedics and EMTs in the South

Corrata has helped us secure patient data and ensure compliance with Government regulations without any complicated software. The app is comprehensive yet easy to use and works effectively on devices obstructing the regular duties of our EMS staff

Jared Graham, IT and Billing Specialist

The Solution

Corrata provided a one-stop solution to eliminate all of Excelsior’s problems when it comes to mobile security and data management

– Easily deployable and works unobtrusively in the background without disrupting regular workflow

– Protects employee mobiles and tablets from cyber-threats like phishing, malware, spyware and WiFi hacks to ensure patient data is always secured. Corrata scans thousands of sites per day per device to ensure access to malicious sites are blocked instantly

– Remote wipe all data in the case of lost, stolen or compromised devices

– Quarantine business apps in case of low-security score. This means critical apps like email are blocked and data cannot be leaked

– Block high bandwidth entertainment apps, such as YouTube or Netflix to prevent employee distractions on the job

Since using Corrata, Excelsior was able to prevent cyber-attacks like phishing and spyware by scanning millions of sites and apps each month

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