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"Corrata has prevented potential attacks that
we never would have been aware of before"
About Dublin Simon Community
For more than 50 years, the Dublin Simon Community has provided help and support to those who are sleeping rough on the streets, and those at risk of homelessness.
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The Challenge

With security threats rising and an increasingly mobile workforce, the Dublin Simon Community, one of the largest homeless charities in Ireland, needed a way to protect its staff from online scams, malware and phishing threats while enabling them to carry out their vital work in the community.

  • As many of their employees work outside of the office, mobile devices are an essential part of the Dublin Simon Community’s work for recording case details, taking photos and sharing information with colleagues.
  • Senior management use their phones extensively for emails, scheduling, and calls. Other times, mobiles are vital for awareness-raising and engaging with the public through social media.
  • Charities are a favored target for cybercriminals. Alongside the worsening homeless problem, the organization began to notice a surge in cybercrime activity. The leadership team were being repeatedly targeted by smishing scams and fraudulent emails requesting payment transfers.

The Solution

  • The Dublin Simon Community approached their mobile carrier Three Ireland who proposed 3Mobile Protect, a mobile security solution powered by Corrata. Security improved immediately and noticeably after installation. Deployment was instant and management was simple allowing the organization to devote all of their time to helping the homeless.
  • The organization’s IT team were able to monitor the security of all devices from a single portal. The security console gave them visibility of the different type of threats that were being blocked including social media scams, SMS phishing and malicious malware.
  • By default, any new employee joining the Dublin Simon Community will have enhanced security preinstalled on their mobile device. The organization now plans to use the solution for managing and reporting on its mobile device usage, which will create a culture of ongoing best practice and safety for its users as well as a stronger audit trail which helps its compliance efforts.

The solution is seamless: in a couple of clicks, you download the app, it’s on your phone, with no adverse effect on the phone’s performance. That’s one of the big advantages for our users.

Martin Hannigan, Head of Finance and Corporate Services
Dublin Simon Community

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