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Since the Corrata story started a few short years ago we’ve had the opportunity to engage with a diverse array of enterprises across many sectors. Each company bringing with them their own unique set of challenges when it comes to managing their enterprise mobility. Despite the inherent differences and the diverse nature of their businesses, time and time again we we’ve found that large enterprises have a number of challenges that are common to all.

Data growth

Mobile data growth is predicted to grow 10x by 2020, a mere 3 years away. Such phenomenal growth has not before been witnessed since the dawn of mobile technology and will have huge implications for enterprises in terms of cost if they don’t have a strategy in place to deal with it. The proliferation of smartphones is the number one cause of this new reality.

By 2019 80% of the worlds internet traffic will be made up of video. The implication is that given the data consumption requirements of video, employees will, more and more, be hitting their company mobile data allowances on a consistent basis long before the end of the billing period.  But what are employees doing during their working day to consume much if any video on mobile devices? Unless they work in media, entertainment or the like, or where the business demands it, video and indeed music streaming should not make up a significant part of the company data plan.

Surely the use of essential business apps, Google search and email would make up the bulk of the employees data use?

Mobile Usage Policy

These questions bring me to the next most common pain point our customers have to contend with. They have policies in place which require that company phones be used for business purposes only. This policy is rarely enforced and a blind eye is turned to a moderate amount of private usage. But how much is a moderate amount and exactly how much are employees using the business phones for streaming movies on Netflix or browsing through their Facebook feed?

Teasing out these problems with our customers lead us to one simply fact: They did not have visibility of the employee’s data usage on their company devices.

Enterprise Mobility Control

Corrata’s Enterprise Mobility Control can have a significant effect in reducing employees mobile data usage. Particularly at a time when today’s global economy demands international travel where employees and their smartphones are in ‘always-on’ mode.  So whether you manage a fleet of trucks crossing the highways and byways north and south of the Canadian border or you have offices in all four corners of the world, the Corrata solution ensures that you can have a workforce constantly on the move and still keep a tight rein on their mobile data usage costs.

Here are some case studies of customers who have found the Corrata solution enabled them to keep data use under control and eliminate overages and bill shocks completely.



Ocuco is a leading provider of software solutions to opticians, optical retail chains and optical lens manufacturing labs with operations in Europe, North America and Asia.  From a enterprise mobility perspective it faces the same challenges as other growing global services businesses:  dealing with different carriers in different jurisdictions, using mobility to run a 24×7 operation and avoiding the risk of high roaming charges as staff move between countries and continents.  This latter issue was proving particularly difficult to address as carrier roaming charges varied widely across geographies making it next to impossible for employees to understand the cost implications of their mobile usage.  What’s more, each bill shock event required a time consuming investigation by Ocuco mobility staff. Ocuco selected the Corrata Mobility Control solution to address this.  Having deployed Corrata, Ocuco employees now have clear visibility of their roaming data usage.  They receive timely alerts to inform them if their usage is in danger of breaching the roaming limits that the company has put in place.  In addition the Ocuco mobility team get the information that allows them to pre-empt roaming bill shock events. The result for Ocuco is that roaming usage is now longer a cause of unnecessary expense or time wasting distractions.


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Topflight Travel Group is one of Europe’s leading travel companies with brands which include Topflight Holidays, Topflight for Schools, and Ski Beat. In addition to its office based marketing and operations staff in Dublin, Brighton and the French Alps, Topflight employs a large number of resort staff on a seasonal basis across it’s geographic footprint.

With hundreds of staff and thousands of guests on the move each week, often crossing national borders inside and outside the EU and operating in challenging Alpine weather conditions, mobile connectivity is essential. It ensures that staff remain right up to date on the latest traffic, flight, weather, ski and security information and allows them to make on the spot decisions to ensure the best possible experience for their customers. However providing value to these customers makes it essential for Topflight to exercise close control over its costs.  With large number of staff using mobile data across multiple geographies this was proving challenging.

Topflight chose to deploy the Corrata Mobililty Control solution to provide the company with visibility and control over their employees use of mobile data. Corrata provide Topflight with insight into exactly how much data is being consumed and where on a daily basis allowing corrective action to be initiated if unusually high usage is detected. Topflight can now set and enforce fair usage policies on a per device basis. This provides Topflight with the ability to keep a tight lid on costs while continuing to allow its employees to get the job done.


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Financial Services


A leading financial services firm had recently concluded a new multi-year mobile services contract.  The contract offered the opportunity to halve the organizations monthly mobile services cost.  However management were concerned that these savings would be undermined by the rapid growth in their employees mobile data usage.  In the previous twelve months smartphone mobile data consumption had grown by 94%, while iPads and other data devices were generating 54% more traffic.  In addition the move to a pooled or shared data plan meant that employees would not receive individual bills for their data use.  This in turn could easily lead to the impression that the employee had access to an unlimited data plan underwritten by their employer.

Corrata’s Mobility Control solution addressed these concerns by providing the company with a means to monitor and control mobile data use.  Employees are given clear visibility of their data consumption and the Corrata solution alerted them when they were in danger of breaching the domestic and roaming limits the company has put in place.  As a result of the implementation of the Corrata solution there was an immediate reduction in mobile data consumption across the organization of 32%.  What’s more the company is now confident that the pool plan they have in place will not need to be upgraded during the 3 year life of their new mobile services contract.


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